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Masters degree: New status symbol, Buy Fake Master Degree

Masters degree: New status symbol, Buy Fake Master Degree.Is it future planning on the students` part or they are following the new normal which has seen masters degree among other postgraduate qualifications becoming a staple among Zimbabweans who have walked the corridors of academia?

The surge, according to experts, is related to the ambition harboured by Zimbabweans in their quest for growth in their personal capacities. Great Zimbabwe University’s director of Postgraduate Studies Professor Pesanayi Gwirayi believes the hunger for growth is a huge factor.

“I agree that there is a surge in the number of people pursuing masters degrees in Zimbabwe. Instead of staying at home, the graduates end up pursuing masters degrees, with the hope of making themselves more qualified to compete for the few job opportunities. So the surge is by and large induced by economic ambition,” Prof Gwirayi said.Masters degree: New status symbol, Buy Fake Master Degree.

Using this yardstick, Zimbabwe may be home to some of the most ambitious people in the region. In countries like South Africa, few of their graduates are interested in pursuing masters degrees although the trend seems to be picking up now.Buy Master Degree.