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ASU Graduate College awarded grant to study doctoral career pathways

ASU Graduate College awarded grant to study doctoral career pathways. How can I get ASU degree. Arizona State University’s Graduate College has been selected to participate in a $2 million multi-institutional grant, aimed at studying doctoral career pathways for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and humanities. The ASU Graduate College’s "Understanding PhD Career Pathways" research will receive $80,000 to understand students’ career aspirations, levels of academic training for versatile careers and improve professional development for PhD students.

“We know that diverse career preparation is a problem across disciplines and job markets, but there’s a gap in the literature about what careers students pursue after they earn a PhD. Some PhD-to-career paths are well-worn, for other fields the road is not as clear,” explained Jennifer Cason, a co-principal investigator on the grant. “With this study, we aim to understand connections between career aspirations academic training, and PhD career outcomes.”So How can I get Arizona State University PHD degreee/Diploma.