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How to order Fake Diploma/ Buy Fake Degree

How to Order Fake Diploma/ Buy Fake Degree.The applicant should prepare the following materials (all documents should be original) :

1. The applicant's written application and original identity card.The application shall be written on the copy of the applicant's identity card and shall be signed and sealed by the personnel department of the unit.

2. In a published newspaper, the paper declares that the missing diploma is invalid;

3. Certificate of schooling:

A, the applicant for the graduation information on the communication network, directly printing the information of the graduation information;

B. Applicants who can't find educational background information on the network are required to provide the academic records of the university and the register of their graduate students (in the school archives of xianlin campus);

4. Certificate photos:

A. Take photos of the original graduation certificate as far as possible. (the paper photos can be asked by the teaching teacher in the department.

B. unable to provide the original graduation photos, please prepare:

Paper photograph:A recent photo of two inches of color certificate (with the number, name, format and graduation photo);