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How to Apply for Bachelor/ Master Degree

Attend the examinee of education ministry has made all the single award certificate, professional exam to plan to set course exam some also not send graduation examination notice examinee, the reason has two kinds: roughly.

One is that examinees have disciplinary violations in the examination.

Second, the examinee is serving time or be brought up by labor.

Examinee in the examination discipline behavior, deal with real university diploma at the time may not be detected before or processing, which was the single award certificate, but after checking the test scores is revoked or untreated for graduation examination and treatment, in this case, the examinee should faithfully show a case to the examination organ, waited for processing, and at the same time ask, in accordance with the relevant examination discipline to make their own arrangements.

A person who is serving a sentence or being reeducated by his or her husband is released from prison.

In higher education self-study exam graduate, undergraduate course graduation certificate has been obtained in the year after shall apply to the city manages the bachelor's degree requirements, by city manages the generation of degree candidates apply to the department in charge of the examiners college degree.

The specific procedure is:.

After obtaining the undergraduate diploma, the application for degree is proposed at the appointed time in the city.

Denominated in bidding for the national unified diploma degree, please, shall provide the following material self-study exam graduate certificate, 2 in the event of a body of self-study exam course, need to provide proof of body manages the issue,  the self-study exam admission ticket, id card [4], [5] self-study exam designed, all qualified courses in single,  such as average college or adult college top-up or second major, professional need to carry the original copies of transcripts (one for undergraduate course graduation card department red chop).

To complete the application form for the application.

4. fees for applying for a degree.

In test run after the acceptance of application, will provide the materials to the examinee review, then report to the examiners school school degree in management review, if there is no objection on the colleges and universities to apply for, will be issued after the half year degree, at the appointed time, the examinee to pick up on time.